Scope Management

EMMC corroborates the project scope is aptly defined and mapped in compliance to the Client requirements. Our project managers prepare comprehensive scope document registering the key deliverable of the project. Through the document, we will transform all important requirements of the project viz. functional, non-functional, stakeholder, business, service quality into a structured vision of what is to be accomplished. We verify the scope, eliminate all waste activities and ensure the report is meticulously accurate for acceptance from client.


Cost Management

For successful delivery of project, managing the cost at each stage effectively becomes vital. Our consultants focus on providing proactive estimate through predicting costs, identifying potential issues and its financial impacts on client’s business. With our expertise in cost management and continuous learning of market deviations, we facilitate clients to take informed decisions to control expenditures.


HR Management

Human Resources management includes managing enduring project plans, timeline, risks, personnel and budget in each phase of project. We formulate pertinent management approach and evaluate required skill set among internal and external resources. We facilitate meetings, proactively manage potential crises through to resolution.



Communication Management

Communication management provides the blueprint for dissemination of information from an organization. We help client to define target audience, requirements, medium, schedule for effective communication to stakeholders. We support client to prepare the content based on the expectation, interest and level of influence of stakeholders, maintaining an active communication system through frequent status reports, documentation logs.


Schedule Management

On-time delivery with no hassles or haggles on quality, cost forms a proviso for every project. Using schedule management tools, we guide clients to breakdown the project into logically defined tasks. Details like start and finish dates, estimated man-hours, resources required are calculated for each task and used as a basis against actual values for monitoring. We help the client to control the project delivery mitigating the delays.


Quality Management

Project Quality Management entails attaining the customer expected level on the deliverables. EMMC collaborates with client in preparing a detailed quality management plan covering the functionality, performance, reliability, relevance, timeliness, suitability characteristics of quality. We evaluate on a frequent basis whether the project is on target to meet the standards and appropriate operational techniques are used to ensure the project scope is met successfully.



Risk Management

Every project undergoes countless hurdles during execution. Anticipating risks and having preventive actions to mitigate them aids in meeting deadline, budget and standards. EMMC consultants’ expertise in mitigating risk factors directs the client in identification, assessment, minimizing the impact of project uncertainties through decision analysis techniques. We do exhaustive data analysis based on multiple criteria to arrive at suitable mitigation methods.


Procurement Management

Procurement of raw materials or services is one of the decisive functions of project success. Acquiring quality inputs assures delivery of quality outputs by commit date. At EMMC, we get involved in managing the ordering, receipt and review of product and services from vendors & contractors. We provide guidance to clients on managing the supplier relationships to ensure high level of service.


Integration Management

Project Integration Management is all about assimilating all activities across domains such as operations, technical, maintenance, Research & Development involved in project. EMMC acts as a bond between designers, engineers, clients, suppliers, vendors in the transformation of ideas into reality using practical strategies.



MEP Services:

Mechanical Services

Installation, repair, maintenance of hydronic, ducted heating systems, evaporative cooling, ventilation systems. Calculation of thermal load demand for Heat Ventilation Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems. Front end engineering & design of entire HVAC system using CADD. Sizing and specification for AHUs, safety control systems, ducts. Fabrication for flexible and solid duct works. Commissioning and Performance testing of HVAC systems and related ductworks.



We get involved from the planning phase for piping lines. We prepare the schematic diagram of the distribution line and use it to model the plumbing system. Servicing different sectors like Oil and Gas, construction, major sports events, we recommend appropriate construction material suitable for handling oil, gas and water. We provide all-inclusive solution for water, sewage, effluent treatments.



Our electrical services range from ELV to EHV (110V – 1000KV). We prepare the design & technical specification for electrical requirements of the project with load demand in consideration. Our services include Interior and Exterior Lighting Systems, Power Distribution and Generation, Fire Alarm Design, Security Systems, Phone, Audio, Internet, Intranet, and other Telecommunication designs, Lightning protection.